Clean Energy & Battery Storage

PAE is a leading source for the supply and installation of Renewable Energy and Battery Storage.
From designing and installing a self supply power system for the smallest load such as a light. Or a whole home/business power system that allows for uninterrupted supply of power.

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Clean Energy & Battery Storage
Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How does the system operate as a back-up power supply?

A. When the utility power fails a smart switch detects the loss of utility power. It then uses the battery power as a source to power up your home/business. Once the utility power is detected the system switches back to using utility power and the batteries charge back up.

Q. How is it better than a back up generator?

A. When Generators detect a loss of power from the utility grid they need to start a combustion engine, this takes time, it has to make sure that the engine is running smoothly and then it introduces power to the home/business.

How are batteries better?

When batteries detect a loss of power from the utility grid, they then introduce power to the home in fractions of a second. So fast that it will be hard to determine if there was a power outage.

Q. Does the system require maintenance?

A. A generator requires fuel, oil, filters and regular maintenance, it also starts up once a week to make sure it is working properly, this costs money in fuel, maintenance and the life of the engine.

How are batteries better?

Batteries have no moving parts and most do not require maintenance like generators do. Batteries can save you money monthly in hydro, opposed to generators costing you money.

Q. Can the size of the system be increased to supply more power?

A. Generators can not be expanded. Increasing the size of the generator is not easily possible. If the system is needing extra power a whole new generator and electrical infrastructure will need to be upgraded at the same initial cost of the original system.

How are batteries better?

Battery systems can grow and expand as homes become more reliant and as budgets allow. Extra batteries can be installed years after the initial system is installed. This will give the system more capacity for more loads and/or allow for the connected loads to run for longer duration.

Q. What is the best option for the environment?

A. Generators are carbon emitting and do not assist in a greener future.

How are batteries better?

Battery power with solar integration used as a supply power is better for the environment. When batteries are connected to solar panels for recharging, it is the cleanest source of power and one of the cheapest.

Q. How much noise is heard?

A. Generators have a decibel rating, they are loud and undesirable to be around when in use. They are unpleasant to neighbouring properties as well.

How are batteries better?

When batteries are in use they are silent, the only noise that may be heard is a small hum from the inverter. The inverter changes the battery power to usable 120 volt power.

Q. How do the batteries charge back up?

A. Batteries can be charged back up by solar or the utility grid. Without solar power the ideal time to charge the batteries is at night when the power is sold at a lower cost.

Q. Do you need solar panels to work with the batteries?

A. No, the batteries can be recharged by the electric utility grid at anytime.

Q. How much room and where do the batteries get installed?

A. Depending on the type of batteries installed. Typically in the garage or where the Electrical Safety Code allows.

Q. Price point, are batteries more expensive then generators?

A. The price for a Solar and Battery system is typically more expensive initially. Depending on the size of the system it can be comparable in cost.

The cost of a Solar and Battery system will be recouped over time with the monthly savings of utility costs, low/no maintenance and no negative running costs.

Over time this makes the Solar and Battery a much cost effective power supply.

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